Lories Limited
Wholesale Lories to the public

Located in Central Florida-USA

Dedicated to the preservation

and propagation of Lories


Welcome to Lories Limited

My name is Chris Touchton, I bought my first Lory (Chattering) back in 1989 at a pet store.  He was a scared import.  I just loved to watch him.  I want all the animals in my life to have companions so I bought him a mate, and then acquired a string of Lories that all had to be paired up also.  One thing led to another and the pairs started to produce young.  I got into Lories because I love to just watch them.  They fascinate me.  I am in "this" for the Lories I am dedicated to their care and proprogation.  If we do not work with them the species will disappear from the USA.  Since 1992 (Wild Bird Conservation Act) there have been no regular importation of any parrots (with very few exceptions of Consortiums throughout the years) So we have to work with what bloodlines/species that we currently have in the USA.  My main goal is to get progeny into other breeder's hands to work with.   I produce approximately 200 Lory babies a year at this point (25 to 30 different types depending on the breeder bird's moods).  Some of the species that I am working with will not go into the pet trade at all.  The others that are more readily available are offered into the pet trade or Zoo's exhibits.

If you have any Lory questions you are more than welcome to ask whether they are my lories or someone else's.  As I said before I am in this for the Lories.

This website is under construction please bear with me.

                 Looking from the entrance of the aviary                                    Looking from the back of the aviary

Aviary in the coldest part of 2010 winter temps for two weeks were low's of 11 to 24 degrees with high's the whole two weeks of 32 to 45 degrees. NOT a type of winter we EVER want to see again!!!